Kristen Jacks
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Through our website, books, and webinars, Money in Your Twenties℠ gives you the straightforward guidance you need to avoid common money mistakes and to thrive financially. 

Money in Your Twenties℠ was founded by Kristen Jacks in 2019.

Kristen studied financial planning at Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. She started her career at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and later worked at Mutual Funds Magazine. Kristen is a graduate of Duke University.  

Kristen hopes you will allow Money in Your Twenties℠ to guide you on the start of your financial journey. She knows the rewards of good money habits and looks forward to helping you prosper.

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Kristen’s Blog

Do you really understand America’s favorite investment? 

America’s favorite investment – The S&P 500 index fund – does NOT help you own an even assortment of iconic U.S. companies like Starbucks, Fed Ex, Disney, and Pfizer. The truth is that most S&P 500 funds are a big bet on Apple and Microsoft (currently over 10% of the index), and are heavily tilted toward technology companies in general. Meanwhile, beloved brands like Ford, Target, and Chipotle are barely represented. 

How can this be? To find out – watch my video Are You Really Diversified?

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