Money in Your Twenties: Getting Started

Few schools teach personal finance, and most young adults cannot afford a financial advisor. Money in Your Twenties: Getting Started gives twentysomethings the straightforward guidance they need to avoid common money mistakes and to thrive financially. You will learn:

  • The five taxes that shrink paychecks
  • How to predict your tax bill
  • The rent you can afford based on your income;
  • The facts about credit reports and credit scores
  • Student loan debt repayment options
  • Whether to save or pay down debt
  • Pitfalls of the “Gig Economy,”
  • Low cost insurance to manage risk
  • 401(k)s, IRAs, and whether to “go Roth”

and much more.

Readers also learn a simple, six-step process to predict what they can afford without doing a budget. Research shows that people avoid budgets, and the tedious task of logging every expense is a good way to feel overwhelmed and a poor way to manage money. Young adults need to know what they can afford based on what they earn or will earn in the future. This book gives them an ingenious way to handle money without doing a budget.

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