Money Mindfulness in Your Twenties

Money Mindfulness in Your Twenties

Wise people who practice “mindfulness” say it helps them get in touch with unconscious patterns and thwarts negativity. In the new financial reality, twentysomethings need as much consciousness and positive action as they can get.

What is the new financial reality? It’s a reality where the average college graduate owes $37,000 in student loans. A world where lenders that once avoided young people now target them, pushing credit cards to boost their profits. A place where employers help less with health insurance and saving for the future than employers did a generation ago.

If this new reality makes you want to run and hide, then you are not a twentysomething. Research shows this group is very optimistic about the future and ready for the challenge.

While confident twentysomethings may not need to take a deep breath, they do need mindful money advice. That’s why we are here. Welcome to Money in Your Twenties. Think of us as your sherpa on an exciting money journey.

What are the stops on this journey? First, you absolutely must understand where your money is going. If you do nothing else on this site, take the time to use our quick and easy budget tool to “Know Your Nut.”

Further along the journey you will learn things like “Your Credit Score is Your New GPA,” and you will find out the five kinds of taxes that drain your paycheck—and what to do about them.

If you attend one of our seminars, you’ll learn how to become a debt “connoisseur” rather than a dupe for profit-hungry lenders. You’ll also be challenged to reframe insurance. It’s not a boring topic to avoid: It’s a cool exercise in risk management.

Whether you read our posts, come to a seminar, visit our “Best of the Web” links or check out our book picks, you are moving forward on your money path in absolutely the right direction.

These early years are the time to learn about money and commit to smart habits. The rewards will be substantial.



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