Confused About Taxes?

Confused About Taxes

A new college graduate with a starting salary of $60,000 can expect to pay about $13,000 in taxes. While your actual tax bill varies by state and personal circumstances (for example, having kids makes a big difference), the question for novice earners remains – Why?!

Avoid these Money Vampires

Money Vampires Photo

Ask twentysomethings to tell you stories of their financial nightmares, and you’re likely to hear of these money vampires: the bank, the car, and the “cancel at any time” offer.

Unless you store your money in a coffin, choosing the correct checking account is important.

Choose Wisely

In Cary Siegel’s book Why Didn’t They Teach Me This In School, he offers 99 money management tips to help young adults “live prosperous lives by making good, sound personal finance decisions.”

What principle did he put first to highlight its importance?

Money Mindfulness in Your Twenties

Money Mindfulness in Your Twenties

Of all the misconceptions about money, the most unhelpful is the idea that handling money is “common sense.” The truth is the opposite. Success with money requires learning things that make no sense (our tax code); learning things that make some sense but require guidance (how to live within your means), and learning things that are totally new like the unique language of money  (“premiums,” “deductibles,” “tax credits”).

Bitcoin and You

bitcoin investment mania money in your twenties

In 2017, Bitcoin became a sensation by rising over 2000% in less than a year. The party was soon over, however, when Bitcoin’s price abruptly dropped to half its previous value. By November 2018, Bitcoin was more than 80% lower than its highest recorded price. We followed the stunning rise of Bitcoin...

Bitcoin and Bubbles

bitcoin investment mania money in your twenties

One year ago we posted the article “Bitcoin Mania” and asserted that “Bitcoin is a bubble.” While bitcoin tripled in one month, we predicted it would ultimately lose between 50-90% of its value.

Since that tumultuous time, Bitcoin has plummeted 80%.

Bitcoin Mania

bitcoin investment mania money in your twenties

My brother, my personal trainer, and a good friend all invested in Bitcoin this week. And it’s only Wednesday.

If you are a twentysomething lured to high-risk investing by Bitcoin then please consider these suggestions before you send any more money to Coinbase.