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Money Mindfulness in Your Twenties
Money Mindfulness in Your TwentiesKristen Jacksfeatured news

Wise people who practice “mindfulness” say it helps them get in touch with unconscious patterns and thwarts negativity. In the new financial reality, twentysomethings need as much consciousness and positive action as they can get.

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Your Credit Score is Your New GPA
Your Credit Score is Your New GPAHannah Roundsfeatured news

You’ve thrown your cap, but you’re not done with GPAs. As an adult, your credit score is your new GPA, and it’s important to have a good one.

What is a credit score?

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Confused About Taxes?
Confused About Taxes?Kristen Jacks and Gerald Whittakerfeatured news

A new college graduate with a starting salary of $40,000 can expect to pay about $8,000 in taxes. While your actual tax bill varies by state and personal circumstances (for example, having kids makes a big difference), the question for novice earners remains – Why?!

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Craft Brewer Offers Puppy Leave
Craft Brewer Offers Puppy LeaveSarah Solomonfeatured news

Working for a craft beer company that offers a week of paid leave when you get a new dog may sound like the millennial dream scenario, but it’s reality for employees at BrewDog.

The Scottish-based brewery announced the incredible work perk on its Web site, granting a full week off to any of its employees across the globe.

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Avoid these Money Vampires
Avoid these Money VampiresMike Crutchfieldfeatured news

Ask twentysomethings to tell you stories of their financial nightmares, and you’re likely to hear of these money vampires: the bank, the car, and the “cancel at any time” offer.

Unless you store your money in a coffin, choosing the correct checking account is important.

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Choose Wisely
Choose WiselyCary Siegelfeatured news

In Cary Siegel’s new book Why Didn’t They Teach Me This In School, he offers 99 money management tips to help young adults “live prosperous lives by making good, sound personal finance decisions.”

What principle did he put first to highlight its importance?

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Bitcoin and Bubbles
Bitcoin and BubblesKristen Jacksfeatured news

One year ago we posted the article “Bitcoin Mania” and asserted that “Bitcoin is a bubble.” While bitcoin tripled in one month, we predicted it would ultimately lose between 50-90% of its value.

Since that tumultuous time, Bitcoin has plummeted 80%.

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